G-I-R-A-F-F-E Word Match

The preschool years play a key role in the development of literacy. At this age, your budding writers are engaging in the important work of preparing to read and write.


Before the formal study of literacy can be acquired, pre-writing and pre-reading skills need to be mastered. One of these skills consists of phonological awareness. Phonological awareness refers to letters representing sounds, that, when strung together, make words that create meaning.


There are several ways to encourage phonological awareness. One thing we do daily is engage in different games that begin with the letter of the week. For this particular week, we were learning about the letter G, so each child selected a particular item begininng with the letter G out of a hat.


We then discussed the “G” sound that we hear in the word. We also sang silly songs that reinforced our understanding of this letter. For this particular activity, we used word mats to spell the word GIRAFFE. Students would select different letters in the word and match it to its corresponding letter on the mat. Once finished, they enjoyed mixing the letters up to make silly words!


Giraffe Spots

Using paper towels, paint brushes, and watercolors, we explored the exciting science behind giraffe spots! Before doing this project, we talked about spots and the different animals that have them. We then examined a few toy giraffes and discussed the different colors we saw. Lastly, we conducted an experiment! Using paint brushes, we dropped watercolors onto paper towels.


As the towel became saturated, the spots started to run together! Sensory and discovery activities offer a means to introduce scientific concepts to young children.


As they engage in the activity, they are practicing what they are learning. The actions they take part in allow them to experience a concept.


As we were doing this activity, your little one was encouraged to talk about what they saw and what they were doing.


Doing this enables their understanding of the physical and mental processes they are experiencing and provides them with the vocabulary to describe it.


Giraffe Habitats

Giraffes can be found in central, eastern and southern Africa.

20180813_100540_hdrGiraffes live in the savannas of Africa, where they roam freely among the tall trees, arid land, dense forests and open plains.

As part of our giraffe unit, we created our very own habitats out of brown styrofoam, wheat stalks, artificial grass and toy giraffes!