Van Gogh’s Starry Night

When young children learn about great artists, they are not only gaining cultural perspective, but improving their ability to observe. Young artists are particularly fond of Van Gogh because of his bright colors and bold designs. Using a variety of mediums, we created several versions of this famous masterpiece, and in doing so, adopted his insight and painting techniques. We initiated the lesson with a discussion on Van Gogh, where he was born (Holland), and the attributes we recognized among his prolific works. Your little one then learned about the spirals present throughout the painting, and how they were completed using small brush strokes in different shades of blue. Using markers, oil pastels, paint, crayon shavings, Playdoh, pipe cleaners, and jewels, we created several different versions of this celebrated piece. This activity incorporated several developmental domains. Through a progressive series of steps, your child explored art and the artistic process. Your budding artist also expanded their art vocabulary and awareness of the natural world. Most importantly, everyone had fun doing it!

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