Tadpole Cucumbers

Throughout the week, we have been talking about the life cycle of the frog – from its transformation as an egg to a tadpole, a tadpole with two legs to a froglet, and its final progression to becoming an adult frog. To foster an understanding of the various life cycles, your little one combined cucumbers, raisins, and pretzels as a means to create their very own amphibians!  When children construct their own version of recently acquired material, they learn invaluable lessons that stay with them throughout their lives. As they mix their ingredients, and see their creation come to life, the sense of ‘I did it’ is a very important lesson they learn. As they receive the credit for their creation, they become proud of their actions, and have increased self-regard as a result. Lastly, working together encourages creativity, bonding, planning, thinking, and time management.



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