Global Warming

At this age, young children may have a difficult time understanding the scientific dilemma of global warming, so instead we focus on what we can do to improve our world. To foster awareness of the issue of global warming and how it may affect us, we removed trash for our Arctic animal friends and stuck any “glaciers” we found back together with toothpicks. We learned about where the Arctic is, and why it is important. We also read a book that relayed to us several important facts. One was that average temperatures in the Arctic region are rising twice as fast as they are elsewhere in the world. Your little one also discovered that Arctic ice is getting thinner – melting and rupturing. Secondly, your budding activist listened to a story about Percy the Polar Bear and his adventures up north. Percy relayed the ecology of this beautiful land mass. That the melting of the once-permanent ice is already affecting native people, wildlife and plants. All of these components enabled your blossoming ecologist to perceive how this societal problem can translate into opportunities for their own future.


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