Tornado Watch

The Storm Prediction Center is one of nine National Centers for Environmental Prediction. Their mission is to provide timely and accurate forecasts and watches for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes over the contiguous United States.  A tornado watch specifically includes the large hail and damaging wind threats, as well as the possibility of multiple tornadoes.


Typical watches cover about 25,000 square miles. To convey this knowledge to our students, we had a circle time discussion regarding the function of the Storm Prediction Center, followed by a period of dramatic play. Using toy computers, phones, and a variety of other implements, we ventured into the world of meteorologists, call centers, and tornado chasers!

20140815_164843 (1)

Dramatic play poses as a host for a variety of skill sets. One is that of role playing. This is where your little one imitates behaviors and verbal expressions of someone they are pretending to be. This enables them to practice their social and interaction skills.


As your child climbs the social skill ladder of development through play, they will go from pretending at the same time without any actual interaction, to pretending that involves several children playing different roles and relating to each other from the perspective of their assigned roles.





20140815_165538 (1)





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