Hurricane Emergency Kits

Young children are constantly exploring their environments. They enlist the help of other children and adults to give them the language to describe what they see. Because hurricanes are not a part of their everyday experience, your child may have a difficult time truly understanding what they are, and what happens when they strike. By creating emergency kits,  your little one was able to integrate concepts from this portion of our theme.


Initially, your little one learned  that for those living in areas frequented by hurricanes, it makes sense to be familiar with emergency procedures put in place by local and national governments. It was then explained to your children that emergency kits are necessary during any natural disaster.


For this component, we had bins and bowls filled with band-aids, plastic food, bottled water, toys, and flashlights. Your little one was given a wooden crate to use as their “kit”, to place their necessary items inside. Before the “hurricane” commenced, your little one was urged to check on their friends, and as a group, go into the playhouse with their kits.20140827_110239

As you may know, dramatic play invites learning and promotes all different kinds of development. By providing a few interesting tools to our classroom, we had writing, communication, social development, fine motor development, cooperation, organization, and the exploration of new material to enjoy.

20140828_114557 (1)

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