Goo Goo G

All too often, young children are given writing tools to use before they are ready for them. Young children from three to five years of age use their hands to explore and learn about the environment and themselves. By developing good hand skills and other pre-writing skills young children will be prepared for the next step, which is writing. Working on hand skills will also assist older children who are experiencing writing difficulties. This week we have been learning about the letter G, and words associated with it. We not only discussed the words, but the different sounds that G makes. In our discussions, your budding writers were also asked to use their own thinking minds to come up with words that have any G sound in it. For this activity, we discussed the “ga” sound that G makes. We then conversed about what goo is then brainstormed to make up silly words, such as “Goo Goo Grandma, Goo Ghost Gaga”. Following this, your child used the small muscles in their hands to create “goo” that they eventually scooped and pinched to place onto a taped letter G. Doing so created a visual representation that aided their understanding.



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