Blocks and the Letter O

When learning about letters, it is important that preschoolers only focus on one sound at a time. The letter O, for example, has many different sounds. For this week, we chose to focus on its short vowel sound. Your child learned, initially, that this is the first letter in the word October. We then came up with other words containing the same ah sound.


The second component in this activity involved classifying letters and building a block tower. Regular blocks were affixed with a variety of letter stickers. Some contained O, while others held other letters. Your child was then encouraged to separate the Os from the rest of the letters. They then took their “O” blocks and constructed a tower. One building block of reading is learning that each letter has a corresponding sound. This doesn’t need to be dull or full of repetitive exercises. Your little scholar can have fun  and learn at the same time!


2 thoughts on “Blocks and the Letter O

  1. Carrie, I continue to be blown away by your resourcefulness in finding new ways to connect the abstract (letter-sound correspondence), the higher-level abstract (sorting objects by letter/symbol), and the concrete (using only the correct blocks to construct something). You have a cool brain.

    Elizabeth Ackerman


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