Hopi Sun Symbols

Hopitu-shinumu (Hopi) means Peaceful People; this serves as a background to understanding their use of symbols. The Hopi were expert craftspeople, and exhibited competent agricultural skills.


Their connection with the land, cultivating, and harvesting was regarded as superior to other tribes. Specifically, their ability to skillfully coax yielding corn from the desert sands was commended by all. This connection to earth, and nature was constantly exhibited in Hopi symbols.


Art was a way of life for the Hopi; it expressed their visions, beliefs and dreams to themselves and others. As artisans, they incorporated their Hopi symbols into an array of dazzlingly beautiful baskets, weavings, and pottery.


The Hopi sun symbol was a symbol of creative and natural energy. It was important because of Hopi’s dependence upon it for the growth of corn, and other sustaining crops. The sun symbol represented the heart of the cosmos and dealt with vitality and growth.



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