We Are Different: We Are the Same

Diversity activities teach young children to respect and celebrate the differences in all people. For this activity, we used multi-colored plastic eggs to do just this.


We initiated the activity with a discussion of what diversity is, followed by a compare and contrast of the different eggs used. What are the main difference in these eggs?  Is one color better than the other?


Within each egg were jewels of the same color. As each child opened their eggs, they noted that all eggs, regardless of color, all had the same amount and color of jewels. This led to a discussion regarding how people are the same and how they are different, and that things such as hair color, what toys you like, and the color of your skin are not as important as being a good friend.


Teaching diversity to preschoolers provides a broad understanding of how children are each unique in their own ways. This process helps children learn more about who they are and is an avenue for teaching respect and acceptance of others. Multicultural lesson plans should combine content with hands-on learning experiences that bring diversity understanding alive. As children are challenged with new ideas, critical thinking skills are ignited and compassion for others is developed.

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