Chinese Spring Rolls

A mental operation, according to Jean Piaget (a noted psychologist) is the ability to accurately imagine the consequences of something happening without it actually needing to happen.

15 - 1 (27)

15 - 1 (26)

During a mental operation, children imagine “what if” scenarios which involve the imaginal transformation of mental representations of things they have experienced in the world; people, places and things.

15 - 1 (30)

15 - 1 (28)

At four years old, children must experience new information with their senses in a three-dimensional setting.

15 - 1 (32)

15 - 1 (31)

They cannot simply see a picture of an item to fully integrate its existence, they must see it, feel it and touch it.

15 - 1 (33)

This is why we are constantly “doing” our projects rather than just reading a book about a particular subject.

15 - 1 (34)

For this activity, we made spring rolls to help celebrate the Chinese New Year!

15 - 1 (35)

In Chinese culture, spring rolls are a savoury treat, created with cabbage, rice paper, and other vegetable fillings.

15 - 1 (36)

They are usually eaten during the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), hence their name.

15 - 1 (37)


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