Red and Gold Playdoh

Our week was filled with a host of sensory items!
15 - 1 (42)
To incorporate the colors of the Chinese Lunar New Year (and the good fortune that they symbolize), we used several different materials to recreate the flag for our young ones, and combined Playdoh, glitter, jewels, and other moldable materials to create opportunities for dialogue, new vocabulary, and learning!
15 - 1 (38)
Young children learn and process new information by using their sense of touch, and are more engaged if they can “feel” and manipulate a variety of materials. This not only fosters creativity; it enhances cause and effect, provides opportunities for problem solving, and most importantly, teaches children the physical properties of different materials.
15 - 1 (39)
By manipulating several kinds of materials they see how materials mix, and how they are affected by different combinations. Sensory play is one of the most engaging activities that your little ones partake in, and is a constant delight as it provides a significant amount of learning and fun.
15 - 1 (40)
15 - 1 (41)

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