Emotions Bean Bag Toss

Games are a natural group form. They provide personal, wholehearted, unselfconscious involvement in activities that allow us to feel free to absorb and integrate our experiences and add them to our growing knowledge of ourselves.

15 - 1 (86)

Whether it’s a birthday party or a summer picnic, games are a great way to involve all kids in being active. Preschool is a time of building identity and self-esteem, so we encourage every child in our class to enjoy group games and find ways to make sure that everyone is able to participate.

15 - 1 (87)

For this activity, we used bean bags that we tossed onto a piece of butcher paper. On this paper were four different faces. Your little one was instructed to toss their bean bag onto a face, name the emotion, and then talk about something in their lives that may trigger that emotion.

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