Dot-to-Dot Monsters

Good visual perception is an important skill, especially for school success.

IMG_20170215_095549 (1)

Children need to understand visual perception to discriminate well, copy text accurately, develop visual memory of things observed, develop good eye-hand coordination and integrate visual information while using other senses in order to perform tasks like recognizing the source of a sound.

15 - 1

Visual perception is a complex process. It includes color perception and color constancy, shape perception and shape constancy, spatial relations, visual analysis and synthesis, visual closure, visual figure-ground distinction, and visual sequence.

Dot Monster (2)

Visual closure is the ability to complete an incomplete image e.g. a dot-to-dot picture or a puzzle. Because we are learning about monsters, we used black markers and crayons to create our own monsters. This was an open-ended activity, so there was no right or wrong way to complete their creatures! Visual perception skills (through activities such as these) can be developed and improved with practice, until they become skills that are performed almost effortlessly.


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