Waltzing Threes

Recent research tells us that young children are naturally curious about math in the world around them. Preschoolers love to learn by doing — engaging their minds, connecting with their senses, and tapping into their enthusiasm. Research reinforces the value of letting them learn about math through hands-on games and activities they enjoy.


One surprising research finding is that, while young children appear to learn to read best by mastering skills in an orderly, linear fashion (e.g., print awareness first, then phonics, etc.), the “normal” learning curve in math can vary from one child to the next.


In fact, some children seem to be able to understand and engage in certain math activities without first having mastered other, simpler counting and math-related tasks. Since we have been learning about the number 3, your little one participated in an activity designed to strengthen their understanding of it.


We learned about the waltz, and how it is composed of the beats 1-2-3. With a partner, your little ones practiced chanting “1,2,3” as they danced around the room to the Blue Danube Waltz.


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