Counting Bees

In the spring, when the flowers start blooming and the bees start buzzing, it’s a great time to learn about counting! This was a super fun beehive fine motor and counting activity for your little ones to practice their fine motor and early math skills!

While enjoying this activity, students picked up yellow hexagon-shaped pipe cleaners out of the beehive with a bee clip and collected them in an ice cube tray. This was a fun way for your children to work on their fine motor skills. Activities using the hands and fingers to grab, pick, and pinch will develop fine motor strength and skills. Using a variety of fine motor tools with any activity, such as tweezers and grabbers, helps children move their small hand muscles in different ways to strengthen them and to practice coordination.

These skills will be essential for preschoolers when they begin to use pencils to draw and write later. This activity was also a fun early math activity. By selecting a pre-determined number (in this case, 6), your mathematicians practiced counting and one-to-one correspondence while placing the bumblebees in their ice cube trays.


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