Hula Hoop Spiders

There are several ways for your little one to practice their fine motor skills. For this activity, your little one used their pincer grasp to help them understand how a spider web works!


Before starting this activity, your little one learned about how a spider builds a web! If you’ve ever seen a new home being built, you know that the workers use wooden boards to frame the house. Instead of boards, spiders produce silk threads to build their webs.


The silk is produced in silk glands with the help of the spider’s spinnerets. Spinnerets are special organs that allow the spider to decide what type of thread it needs for the web. The silk threads can be thick or thin, dry or sticky, beaded or smooth. The threads a spider uses to construct its web begin as liquid, but they dry quickly in the air.


Using string, sticks and play dough, we created our own webs, and then your little ones attached spiders to a web that Miss Carrie made using string and a hula hoop!

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