Sheep Shearing

Farm themes are always popular with preschoolers, because they easily incorporate so many of their favorite activities: pretend play, sensory, small worlds and more!


We love it too because we can really think outside of the box with the activities and provocations we present to your budding farmers.


One of our farm days focused on sheep, sheep farms, and the wool they provide for us.


Your students were taught that the sheep’s wooly coat gets a haircut with clippers; the same way their daddy or maybe they might get a haircut!


They learned that the special clippers used on sheep are called shears, and it is called shearing a sheep when a farmer gives a sheep a haircut.


After learning all about sheep we put together an activity where the children could pretend to be farmers and shear some sheep themselves. We used shaving cream, balloons, and a large craft stick to “shear” our wooly friends.


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