Milking Cows

From the cow to the carton, creating milk is a high-tech process.


In factories, milk goes through a series of stainless steel pipes to large refrigerated vats and is stored at 4°C. Within 48 hours, sterile refrigerated tankers take it to the milk factory, where it’s pasteurized and homogenized at the same time.




But, how did we get the milk from the cow to the machine? This activity aimed to teach your little one just that. After watching a short video on cow milking, we created our very own dairy farm here at school!


This was a great way to teach your little farmers about cows and where milk comes from. Preschoolers learn best by doing, and they milked a cow, just like a farmer would.


Using a large picture of a cow, rubber gloves and white paint, we milked our cows, letting the paint fall onto the ground.


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