Salt Trucks

Salt trucks are responsible for de-icing, defined as the removal of existing snow ice and frost from a surface. De-icing of roads has traditionally been done with salt, spread by snowplows or dump trucks designed to spread it, often mixed with sand or gravel, on slick roads.


Using a cookie sheet with frozen water as our road, toy trucks, and salt, we created our very own roads to de-ice! Your little one poured salt onto the ice, and then watched with wonder as it turned to slush, making it easier for their toy trucks to drive! Preschool aged children learn science best through hands-on experiences that allow them to discover science concepts on their own.


Using ice in the classroom encourages young students to learn about the physical properties of ice and how it interacts with salt. We can help our young learners investigate and learn science by asking questions that encourage your budding scientist to find the answers.


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