Train Track Builders

If you’ve ever watched children at play, you know they’re fascinated with building things—and with taking things apart to see how they work. In other words, children are natural-born engineers.


When children engineer in a school setting, research suggests several positive results. Engineering calls for children to apply what they know about science and math—and their learning is enhanced as a result.


At the same time, because engineering activities are based on real-world technologies and problems, they help children see how disciplines like math and science are relevant to their lives.


Hands-on, project-based learning is the essence of engineering. As groups of students work together to answer questions like “How large should I make the tower?” or “How much sand will it take to make a castle?” they collaborate, think critically and creatively, and communicate with one another.


This engineering activity involved your little one making a train track in a group using popsicle sticks! Students worked together to create a wooden masterpiece!


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