Planting and Harvesting Wheat – Small World Play

No Little Red Hen unit would be complete without a section on wheat! In the story, the red hen not only plants wheat, but harvests it and later turns it into bread!
red hen 1
red hen 2
This project involved your little one learning that wheat grows globally in bountiful supply.
red hen 3
They learned that because it can be harvested in winter and spring, it is utilized abundantly.
red hen 6
Using hens, stalks of wheat, seeds, and shovels, your little farmer harvested their own wheat…just like the little red hen!
red hen 7
They learned that these crops require constant care and upkeep.
red hen 8
Producing wheat is an intensive process, and your little one learned about the many technological advances that allow all of us to enjoy our bread, cereal, and pasta!
red hen 9
They were introduced to the words “swather” (to cut and bind wheat) and “combine” (a process in which trucks cut and loosen wheat from its stem).
red hen 10
By harvesting their own crops, your little one was able to apply their understanding of new vocabulary related to the Little Red Hen!
red hen 11

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