Balancing Bridges

Children learn through experiences, and the earlier they are exposed to STEM-based hands-on learning experiences, the better. Engineering design, by its nature, is an inquiry-based pedagogical strategy that promotes learning across disciplines.

Goat Bridge 2

Engineering curricula introduces students of all ages to everyday applications of science, mathematics, technology and engineering that match their values and view of the world. This, and many of our other activities are designed to engage students in hands-on STEM experiences in order to improve their understanding of fundamental concepts in a way that capitalizes upon their design, visualization, creativity and teamwork skills and yearnings.

Goat Bridge

For this activity, the children were given blocks, a toy troll, and toy goats. They were told to construct a bridge using the blocks and the toys. They continued to add blocks until the bridge collapsed. After this, they counted the amount of blocks they needed to keep their bridges up. Many students enjoyed this so much, they repeated the experiment over and over again!


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