Toothpick Chicken Coops

Children love to build. It’s something to do with the challenge, the skill and probably the knocking down, that makes it such an appealing activity for kids.
As stated in one of our previous activities, when your child plays with blocks, building replicas of the world around her, she is like a little scientist, experimenting with balance, structure, space, and even gravity!
Have you ever watched your child attempt to build a simple tower, only to have it fall down at a particular height?
Perhaps you have noticed that she tried different ways of placing the blocks until finally she created a tower that stayed up!
Amazingly, what she is doing is using the scientific method of experimentation, observation, and cause-and-effect to solve the problem of the tumbling tower.
For this activity, we made another chicken coop, but with different materials. Using painted Styrofoam blocks, toothpicks, wire mesh, and our imaginations, we constructed our own chicken coops! We then added chickens, hay, and bird seed to feed our chickens and add to the fun!

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