The Common House

The first house that Pilgrims built in America was called a Common House. It was used to store food and provisions.


During the first winter in America, it also served as a hospital. The construction of this building was simple. The Pilgrims first used logs and then sticks to make the walls.


Sand, clay, water and straw were then mixed together to cover the walls, and the roof was made of reeds and wild grasses.


Within a year after landing in America, the Pilgrims had built seven houses and four other buildings.  For this activity, your little one created this exciting structure using a variety of materials.


They were then given some pilgrims they used to recreate the story of its construction.


Young children love to create stories and scenarios that apply recently acquired knowledge. Their imaginative brains are constantly conceiving plots and characters for even the simplest of things. This tendency for creative story building can be incorporated into any curriculum.



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