Turkey Feather Ts

There are so many ways to strengthen pre-reading and pre-writing skills that have nothing to do with books or worksheets!


Young children can easily become frustrated with writing, because their gross motor skills are developing faster than their fine motor skills.


It is not until they turn five or six that they can truly master writing implements.


But… that doesn’t mean that they still can’t have fun with letters! In Miss Carrie’s class, we like to think outside of the box. For this activity your little ones were encouraged to read and write in a very special way.


Because our activities relate to a theme (in this case, Thanksgiving), we tend to keep them within certain parameters.


This particular week involved learning all about turkeys and the letter T. This was a two part activity. First, students were given play dough that they were told to roll into two separate rolls.


Then they connected each roll to form a T. Next, they placed feathers into the T. Lastly, they added feathers, googly eyes, and a pipe cleaner (for the beak) to create letter T turkeys!


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