Bartholomew’s Play Dough

In the story of Bartholomew and the Oobleck, oobleck rains down from the sky and covers everything in its path.

doughoobleckUsing play dough as a medium and small plastic people, we recreated the story! This activity also revisited and reinforced vocabulary words, such as inside, outside, under and, and over.

doughoobleck1Using play dough helped your little practice using certain physical skills with their hands as they manipulated the dough with their fingers. Children can practice skills such as pinching, squeezing or poking while they play with the dough.

doughoobleck3Lastly, using play dough helps a child practice using imagination and other cognitive abilities such imitation, symbolism and problem solving. This helps our little ones learn more about their environment as they make and mimics everyday objects with the play dough.



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