Caterpillar Counting

With color paper, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners, we practiced counting with this exciting math activity!


This activity consisted of each child constructing a caterpillar. To begin with, each child was given eight abdominal segments with numbers drawn on them. These numbers were to be attached to the “head” and counted, 1-6. We initiated this activity with a discussion of the numbers involved, and then clapped the amount of each.  


Following, your budding mathematicians were shown a card with a number on it. They were then directed to place the correct segment to the head.  This provided a forum for talking about “more” and “less”, counting to nine, concepts such as adding and subtracting, and more vocabulary associated with numbers!


By relating mathematical concepts to things that children are naturally curious about, (such as bugs) young students are more engaged and intrinsically motivated to learn! It is for this reason why we are always playing with bugs!


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