Kite Flying

March is a traditional time for flying kites, so your preschooler was able to learn all about it on this breezy day.


To begin with, our class looked at the leaves on the trees in our front yard to see if it was a good day to fly kites.


It was then explained that kites fly because the wind pushes on its face — trying to blow the kite away — while gravity pulls on it — trying to make the kite come down.


Using real kites, we first launched out kites (without the string) from the stairs in the front yard, to see how far they would fly.


We then took our kites to the back play ground, and practiced running up and down the area with our kites.


Some students were even able to get their kites into the air! We then created our own kites with streamers and paper bags, and tried to fly those as well!



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