Green Apple Coconut Trees

The coconut tree is considered one of the most useful trees in the world. The coconut fruit has water and milk which can be drunk and flesh that can be eaten. From the pulp coconut oil can be extracted.


The oil can be used in cooking, cosmetics and for lamp fuel. Coconut leaves can be used for weaving and thatching (for example, to make roofs). Coconut husks can be used for food bowls and the trunk to build all kinds of things.


To enable your budding coconut tree connoisseur to grasp a better understanding of these magnificent plants, we used pretzels and green apple slices to create our very own! When young children are given opportunities to prepare food, they are practicing a host of important life skills.


When they are given the ingredients to create their masterpiece, they are practicing listening skills. As they are instructed to add ingredients to create their treat, they are learning order of operations. Lastly, as they learn about new foods, they are acquiring new vocabulary, which promotes literacy.


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