The Rio Grande River of Foil

For this activity, we created the Rio Grande! To introduce this activity to your little one, we talked about what rivers are. Your little one learned that rivers provide excellent habitat and food for many of the earth’s organisms.
They were also told that many plants and trees grow by rivers. To tie this in to our Mexico theme, we used tin foil, rocks, plastic trees, and animals to construct our very own rivers! To accomplish this, we laid out foil onto the slope in the front yard. We then folded the edges of the foil upwards.
Following this, students placed trees, bushes, and animals around the river. Lastly, each child was given an opportunity to “pour” water down the river, watching it slosh through the foil. This activity accessed a variety of scientific concepts, such as physics (flow and motion), biology (plant an animal life), and mathematics (measurement and volume).

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