A jetty is a long, narrow structure that protects our coastlines from fluctuations in weather and tides. They also delay erosion, and can indicate depth to nearby boaters.


Jetties can be constructed from a variety of items such as rocks, concrete, wood, earth, and stone.


Because young children learn best by participating in their learning experience, we decided to create our very own jetties!


Using rocks,  white clay, and gel, we created structures designed to keep coastlines healthy and happy.


Research in early childhood education demonstrates the significance in exploration and discovery within the learning environment.This facilitates reasoning skills (finding out what works and what doesn’t), creativity (developing alternative ways to manipulate materials), and problem solving.


Constructing a jetty targeted these areas specifically because it encouraged your little one to plan out how their jetty would look, gather and arrange materials to initiate the process, and think critically as they engineered their structures.



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