Tiger Towers

Children learn through experiences, and the earlier they are exposed to STEM-based hands-on learning experiences, the better.

Tiger block

Engineering activities, by their nature, are an inquiry-based pedagogical strategy that promotes learning across disciplines.

Tiger block 1

Engineering curricula introduces students of all ages to everyday applications of science, mathematics, technology and engineering that match their values and view of the world.

Tiger block 2

This, and many of our other activities are designed to engage students in hands-on STEM experiences in order to improve their understanding of fundamental concepts in a way that capitalizes upon their design, visualization, creativity and teamwork skills and yearnings.

Tiger block 7

Tiger block 3

For this activity, students were given toy tigers, rocks, pine cones, and blocks.

Tiger block 6

They were told to construct a structure using the materials.

Tiger block 5

After they finished, they teamed up with their friends to create even bigger structures!

Tiger block 4

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