Tasty Bags

The outside world shapes children’s development through experiences that they have, which include using their five senses—hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch.  In our classroom, we draw your child’s attention to the five senses by discussing them. This increases understanding of and communication about the world around us.


Throughout our week of the five senses, we learned that our senses help us decide whether to enjoy or not enjoy an experience: our eyes help us see, our ears let us hear, our hands help us feel, our noses let us smell, and our tongues help us taste things.  For this activity, we talked about our sense of taste.


Initially, your little one was told that it is our tongue that enables us to taste different flavors. Students were then divided up into small groups and were given three different bags to sample.


On each bag was a question mark. Your little ones were encouraged to keep their eyes closed as they reached into the bag.


They then selected a piece of food and ate it with their eyes still closed. Following this, they were asked to guess what it was they were eating. The three choices were crackers, cereal, and popcorn. Everyone loved snacking on their surprise foods with their friends! This helped isolate their sense of taste. They also had so much fun in the process!



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