Lego Letters

Using Legos, the letters F-A-L-L, and our learning minds, we created the word “FALL”! In young children, gross motor skills are the first to develop, therefore creating a need to continually introduce your budding writer to an array of fine motor activities. These activities build a foundation for the later manipulating of various writing utensils.


Playing with Lego building blocks, cutting paper with scissors, and putting puzzles together all serve a developmental purpose. They not only promote coordination, but improve dexterity and hand control.


And not only that, when your children are moving, they are learning! In our classroom, we use games and other materials to relay prekindergarten concepts. These materials almost always consist of things that they are naturally interested in, so they do not realize they are learning!


Since our class is going through a Lego craze right now, we love to incorporate them into our developmental domains. By creating letters out of Legos, they are experiencing a range of important skills.


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