Snow Owl Nests

Your preschooler consistently expresses her preference for tactile play. As young children seek to grasp new information, this form of play provides the perfect forum to apply newly acquired concepts.


As they interact with peers, their teacher, and provided materials, your budding ornithologist forms relationships to learned notions that enable them to make sense of their world. For this particular activity, we learned about how snow owls are born. Because they are reptiles, most birds lay eggs.


Using play dough, tiny snow owls, sticks, and rocks, we created our very own owl nests! We first made the play dough (using salt, flour and water), and then created our nests!


Your little scientist enjoyed spinning elaborate tales of baby owl cavorting through the “snow forest” as they followed their “parents”. Their conversations allowed for the processing of new vocabulary and the enjoyment of working together toward an idealized goal.




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