Triceratops Case Match

Many children have problems learning the letters of the alphabet. Since letter recognition depends on understanding a sequence of features, the best way to teach children the sequence of features in recognizing a letter is by guided practice.


Although we do use worksheets in our classroom, our primary mode of instruction is through the manipulation of concrete materials. These can resemble anything from flashcards to sandpaper letters, shaving cream to salt trays.


The most important thing is that there is a physical response to an abstract one. For this activity, we practiced matching upper and lower case letters. On account of this being triceratops week, we used this dinosaur manipulative to complete the activity. To do so, we placed paper squares onto a flat surface (the table). Students were then handed cards with pictures of dinosaurs on them. Each card had a capital or a lowercase letter. Following this, students matched each pair of letters. Lastly, they placed them into each square.


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