Parietal Art

Parietal art is the archaeological term for artwork done on cave walls or large blocks of stone.


Also called “cave art”, it refers to cave paintings, drawings, etchings, carvings, and pecked artwork on the interior of rock shelters and caves.


The purpose of these remains of the Paleolithic and other periods of prehistoric art is not known.


However, some theories suggest that these paintings were not solely for decoration as many of them were located in parts of caves that were not easily accessed.


To delve into the Paleolithic world, we created our very own cave drawings!


Using butcher paper, water and fabric softener, we made the paper we would need for these drawings.


We did this by mixing the materials together.



After placing out to dry, we retrieved them and added oil pastels to create a story.


Lastly, we enjoyed talking about our pictures and what they represented!


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