Penguin Habitats

Penguins generally live on islands and remote continental regions free from land predators, where their inability to fly is not detrimental to their survival.

pengfloThese highly specialized marine birds are adapted to living at sea—some species spend months at a time at sea.


Penguins are usually found near nutrient-rich, cold-water currents that provide an abundant supply of food.


Different species thrive in varying climates, ranging from Galápagos penguins on tropical islands at the equator to emperor penguins restricted to the pack ice and waters of Antarctica.

pengflo3For this activity, we attempted to recreate some of these habitats.


We used flour, glass jewels, white play dough, styrofoam, rocks, and toy penguins to do this.


Students enjoyed manipulating the flour as they created their own arctic wonderland!



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