Dissolving Eggs

For young children, the process of cause and effect can be a powerful one. This is because they love to see results…immediately. This occurs on account of how they think.


Because young children think in three-dimensions, it is useful to give them experiences that enable them to learn on a tactile level.


They not only witness things change before their eyes, they get to be the creators of that change! This makes learning so much fun.


As part of our unit on Dr. Seuss, we spent one week learning about Green Eggs and Ham. For this activity, we included a bit of chemistry. Using vinegar and baking soda, students used eye droppers to drop vinegar onto their baking soda “eggs”. They enjoyed watching their baking soda “eggs” dissolve.  Lastly, they were able to see the reaction of the two chemicals, and were gratified by the rapidity of it.


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