Tracing Planets

There are many activities children can enjoy that will improve their pre-writing skills.

If you visit some of our other tracing activities, you’ll find lots of great information on the importance of pre-writing skills, what they are, and how to develop them.

Tracing lines is just one way of helping children get ready to write.

And they don’t even have to pick up a pencil to do it. It’s valuable to start out tracing with fingers because holding a writing tool can be tricky!

So as part of our planet theme, your little one participated in an activity that honed their tracing skills.

With a few simple materials, we learned about the letters that make up the words for the different planets.

Throughout the week, we talked about all of the planets and the letters they start with. We then discussed the sounds that S makes (for Saturn), E makes (for Earth), etc. Following this, we sung a song about the different letters. Lastly, we used paint and glitter to make the letter first letters of the different planets!

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