Counting Planets

Counting can be a fun task for young children. Children will begin by counting forward and should be provided a lot of experience practicing this new skill. They will also begin to recognize written number symbols.

Kids will start as “pre-counters” saying numbers in no particular order. This is typical of a two-year-old child. The next level is “chanters”. At this stage, children may say numbers in a sequence but run them together.

If the child is interrupted, they will have to start over at the beginning versus where they left off. Finally, “reciters” can verbally count to five, ten and so on. This is a very advanced skill and should not be expected during this age period.

A more advanced skill of math is one-to-one correspondence. This is also typical of a three to four-year-old child. They will be able to point at objects and count them at the same time. This activity strengthens this skill. For this counting activity, students practiced counting planets.

They did this by picking them up with tweezers and placing them around the sun. The number they selected was chosen through the rolling of a dice.


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