Fallingwater House

Fallingwater House is located in southwestern Pennsylvania. It hangs over a waterfall using the architectural device known as the cantilever. Wright described his architectural style as organic – in harmony with nature. Though Fallingwater reveals vocabulary drawn from the International style in certain aspects, this country house exhibits so many features typical of Wright’s natural style – the house very much engaged with its surroundings. When Wright created this masterpiece, he envisioned the powerful sound of the falls, the vitality of the young forest, the dramatic rock ledges and boulders; these were elements to be interwoven with the serenely soaring spaces of his structure. He understood that people were creatures of nature, hence an architecture which conformed to nature would conform to what was basic in people. For this activity, we combined a variety of natural materials to create our own version of the Fallingwater House. When your child plays with these elements, building replicas of the world around them, they are like little scientists – experimenting with balance, structure, space, and even gravity!

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