Fine Motor Maize

When young children are using tweezers to pick up, manipulate, and sort materials – they are practicing their fine motor skills in the process. As they are continually exposed to activities that encourage this process, they are being prepared to write, type on a computer, throw and catch a ball, and open a door – the list is endless. Each experience strengthens the muscles that will eventually lay the foundation for higher learning. For this activity, we practiced tweezing kernels of dried corn and sorting them by color into ice cube trays.



Fine Motor Hearts

Using beads, tweezers, and heart-shaped vases, we continued to hone our fine motor skills!

Using the tweezers helps your little ones continue their mastery of the pincer grasp, and placing the hearts into the vase encourages concentration, and hand eye coordination.

Young children often have difficulty in manipulating a variety of utensils required for fine motor control, but providing them with this variety helps improve awareness of their hand.