Ant Ecosystem

If you’ve ever examined an anthill and wondered what’s beneath the surface, creating your own ant habitat would be a fascinating learning experience. Introducing the ins and outs of these complicated castles offers your entomologist a first-rate view of ants building intricate tunnels and paths, then scurrying through like they’re on a mission. To begin this activity, your little one was encouraged to close his eyes and visualise what his home looked like. How many windows does it have? What color is it? What features does it have? etc. On a small piece of paper each student drew the home that they just visualised. It was emphasised that people in cities need habitats and each other to survive. This is similar to what happens between animals, plants and their habitats in natural areas. We then talked about what ecosystems are, and why they are important. Preschoolers love to be outdoors. These outdoor connections can actually advance a child’s skill sets. Research has shown that nature based activities instantaneously enhance skills in a range of widespread areas.



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