Earth Fishing Game

To extend the idea of taking care of the Earth into our environmental theme, your little ones participated in an activity called the Earth Day fishing game.


To prepare the game, magnets were added to fish and to different pieces of trash.


Trash was also stapled to the back of each fish.


Our fishing poles had a magnet wrapped up in the end of the string to pick up the magnetic trash and fish out of the pond.


Your maturing pollution experts were told that if they looked closely into the pond, they would see that someone had thrown things that don’t belong into the water.


We talked about how some of those things were even getting stuck on the fish and we needed to rescue them.


The children spent the morning catching tin cans, plastic bottles, toilet paper rolls, and even fish. But sadly, each of our fish had trash stuck to the backside of their body.


As each child caught a fish, we flipped it over to see what was on the bottom of the fish and asked questions like – “Is this good for our fish?” or “Does this belong in the pond?”



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