Moon Rock Walk

Children imitate what they see and hear through their play. Because astronomy is a multifaceted subject, there are so many new words and actions to remember!


This can be confusing to the young learner, and so creative learning experiences can help them integrate all of this new information.


For this activity, we combined dramatic and sensory play with science to collect moon rocks from our closest planetary neighbor.


A good way to recall and reflect on these new experiences is to have your little ones re-create the actions and sounds that were meaningful to them.


Using rocks and flour as our moon, paper plates as our helmets, dish gloves, and plastic bottles as our oxygen tanks, we not only collected moon rocks from the surface of the moon, but analyzed them in our “lab”.


These two different “situations” enabled your budding astronaut to practice new vocabulary, problem solve with a variety of materials, and role play with their friends!



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