Space Dust Sensory Table

Sensory activities provide children with another meaningful avenue for learning.


Sensory tables rotated regularly with wondrous materials are worthwhile investments for hours of  learning, exploring, and fun.


This project activated the senses to include some of our younger astronauts into our voyages through the cosmos.

20140919_114043 (1)

Using dyed salt as our space dust, small Earth shaped balls, confetti stars, jars, and space toys, we engaged our hands and hearts to learn more about outer space!


Science concepts, such as cause and effect (what happens when materials are combined) and gravity (space dust comes down the funnel, not up) were explored throughout this activity.


Students also had the opportunity to work on their problem-solving and decision-making skills as they determined how to manipulate and use the materials.


Lastly, this activity provided an open-ended opportunity for your little one to enjoy the process rather than the product – how she used the space dust was much more important than what she made.


Using creative thinking skills and expressing one’s creativity are important self-esteem builders.




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