Pine Bough Weaving

Using collanders and artificial pine boughs, we created our very own Christmas tree structures!
This was a collaborative group project, and your little one enjoyed making our school a little more festive by poking pine boughs into a collander together with a partner.
Twisting their garlands enabled them to make a variety of fun creations!
This activity incorporated several developmental domains.
When piercing the pine boughs into the collander, your little one was practicing fine motor control and hand eye coordination.
The importance of hand eye coordination lies in your child’s ability to manipulate their environment. Simple hand-eye coordination techniques, such as weaving, are a great way to help your little one learn how to control their mind and their hands.
These skills are transferable to literacy, and when your little student is then exposed to holding a pencil, crayon or pair of scissors, the coordination will be in place.

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