Trimming the Tree

Christmas is a theme that offers activities for your preschoolers to explore family traditions together!


It is such an exciting time of year and an exciting theme!


Your preschoolers have been learning about each other’s family traditions, which brings about so many opportunities for learning about giving to others!


Taking the time to explore the different aspects of this time of year can help give your preschoolers some perspective and understanding to it all!


For this activity, we decorated Christmas trees! Using artificial trees, garlands, and ornaments, we lavished our creations with color and fun.


Experiences like these grant children the independence to be creative and purposeful. When children choose how to play for themselves, they experience freedom in making those choices. They also begin to see connections between choice and the consequences or results of that choice.img_20191210_101519759

Open-ended materials can be used in many ways so children can decide for themselves how to use them. It is this intrinsic motivation that allows a child to regulate her own feelings and desires in order to keep playing.



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